Your Gift of Wellness!

Have you thought about giving an EXPERIENCE as a GIFT? An experience of WELLNESS!
At Chandni Yoga, we have just the right GIFT for Christmas. Your gift vouchers can be used toward services offered by Chandni Yoga in 2020.
You can choose your amount for the voucher, starting from £12 (cost of a drop-in class) up-to any amount of your choice.
Vouchers can be used to pay toward:
Group class
1:1 session
Pop-up class
Sukham Sunday (our annual day-retreat).
Simply email or call 07459 671543 to order your voucher.
***Drop that HINT soon! TAG your friends or family on this post if you’d like to receive a voucher as your Christmas gift***
Vouchers can be used toward the services (listed above) offered by Chandni Yoga in Petersfield by 11th December 2020. Voucher can not be exchanged for cash. Pre-booking required.