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Class Styles

Functional Yoga - Redefining your yoga experience!

Step into a transformative journey with our Functional Yoga class – a cutting-edge movement practice meticulously crafted for holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in a mindful fusion of traditional Indian yoga principles, seamlessly woven with strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, and balance postures. This class is not a workout; it’s a holistic movement experience for your body and mind.

Embrace a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the conventional, using an array of tools including resistance bands, traditional Indian weights, yoga balls, bolsters, straps, and more. Join us as we redefine your yoga experience, elevating it to new heights of mindfulness and movement mastery. Your journey to strength, balance, and mindful well-being starts here.

Classical Indian Yoga - Timeless and Transformative!

Embark on a journey of timeless serenity with our Classical Indian Yoga class, an immersive experience that embraces the sacred wisdom of the eight limbs of yoga and beyond. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this ancient practice, where each session is a harmonious blend of traditional elements.

Elevate your practice with a focus on yoga postures that engage both body and spirit, guided breathwork that fosters inner peace, mindfulness to center the mind, sacred mudras for mind-body alignment, mantra meditation to deepen your connection, and yogic rest and recovery for holistic well-being.

This class invites practitioners of all levels to join, welcoming beginners with open arms. Discover the profound joy of feeling good in both body and mind as you delve into the essence of Classical Indian yoga. Join us to deepen your practice and uncover the transformative power of this timeless tradition.

Mindful Flow & Stretch - Merging movement & breath!

Embark on a journey of mindful movement and blissful stretch in our Mindful Flow & Stretch Yoga class. This is not your typical ‘effort-oriented’ vinyasa flow; it’s a unique blend of sequenced salutations and carefully curated standing and seated yoga postures. Experience the beauty of a practice that goes beyond the ordinary, seamlessly merging movement with breath.

In this class, we prioritize mindfulness, encouraging you to move with a profound connection to your body, breath, and mind. Revel in the sensation of ease as you cultivate both flexibility and strength. While some experience with yoga asana is suggested, beginners are warmly welcomed.

Give yourself one or two sessions to become acquainted with the practice, and soon you’ll find yourself flowing effortlessly through a mindful journey of self-discovery. Join us on the mat and let the rhythm of breath guide you to a state of tranquillity and renewed strength.

Day/Time Class Location Class Style Level
Monday 9:30am
Online (Zoom)
Functional Yoga
Beginner - Advanced
Tuesday 9:30am
Classical Indian Yoga
Beginner - Advanced
Tuesday 7:00pm
Functional Yoga
Beginner - Advanced
Wednesday 6:30pm
Classical Indian Yoga
Beginner - Advanced
Friday 8:00 am
Yoga Dudes (Men's Class)
Beginner - Advanced
Friday 9:30am
Functional Yoga
Beginner - Advanced
Saturday 8:30am
Online (Zoom)
Mindful Flow & Stretch
Intermediate - Advanced

Your path to living your best life, Your Way. Choose from a range of options tailored to your goals and budget

  • Choose from two membership plans tailored to different budgets, designed to make practicing more often with me, cost-effective – SATTVA or SAMADHI .

  • Can’t commit to a membership? Buy a 8-class pass and use in 12 weeks.

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  • As a NEW MEMBER, you can buy a 4-class pass and use in 6 weeks.

  • Can’t commit to regular classes? Join us in the studio for a drop-in class.

2024 Spring Membership​

1st Apr - 29 June


  • 12 Studio Classes (use in 12 weeks)
  • Unlimited Live Zoom Classes
  • Video Library + Weekly Recordings


£240 £192
  • Unlimited Studio Classes (for 12 weeks)
  • Unlimited Live Zoom Classes
  • Video Library + Weekly Recordings

Can't commit to a membership or regular classes?

8 Class Pass

  • 8 Studio Classes
  • Use in 12 weeks

New Member Pass

  • 4 Studio Classes
  • Use in 6 weeks

Drop-in Class

  • 1 Studio Class
  • Choose from 3 styles per week

What's in Store for 2024:

Discover Your Unique Path to Wellness

My classes offer an eclectic mix of mindful movement, blending traditional yoga practices with the latest evidence-based movements. I’m passionate about bringing you more knowledge, more practice, and more boldness in your yoga journey.

Unleash Your Potential

Experience the joy of movement that is not only enjoyable but also functional beyond the class. Witness positive change in key areas like mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, stretch, breath optimization, mindfulness, mantra japa, and yogic rest and recovery.

Pillars of Transformation

 Every class at Chandni Yoga is underpinned by the pillars of move.breathe.feel, a holistic approach designed to help you live your best life beyond the mat. I focus on both the physical and mental aspects of your well-being.

Tools for Transformation

 Enhance your practice with carefully chosen tools, including gada (Indian weights), yoga bolsters, danda (yoga poles), yoga bricks, straps, resistance bands, and balls.

Diverse Classes, Meaningful Change

 Explore our diverse range of classes, aiming for at least 2 practices a week to witness meaningful change in your mind and body. Flexible memberships and class passes cater to varied goals and budgets, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique journey.

Freedom to Choose 

Our memberships offer unparalleled flexibility – no confinement to designated classes. Join any class*, tailoring your practice to your schedule and preferences. (*Pre-book Tuesday 9:30 class by emailing me)

Prefer to pay by BACS, email us here.

To book 1:1 Sessions or Bespoke Small Group Sessions email:

“ I can’t say enough how much I enjoy the library and it means that I can choose different styles and focus depending on how I feel. I know that the live class has an energy of its own and great benefits, but when time or life is problematic, the library and catch up classes are invaluable. ”


Meet Chandni...

I use the skills from my fitness based trainings, post graduate research and education in Psychology and most importantly the ‘rich’ holistic yoga approach I learnt growing up in India.

Yoga is a gift to our modern world. My mission is to help my clients feel better in themselves. 
My teaching aims to suit people with a wide variety of fitness levels and goals.
I teach a number of yoga classes in and around Petersfield. Additionally, I teach yoga privately to individuals, families, and groups in Hampshire and around the world.
My training includes:

  • Experienced Yoga Teacher, 700+ Hours
  • Functional Range Conditioning – Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
  • Master of Arts (MA) – Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts (MA) – Industrial Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Psychology

My mission is to help you…

  • feel physically strong from inside out
  • make a connection to breath like never before
  • live your best life


“Chandni is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced. Her in-depth knowledge of both yoga and the science of the body, her love of her vocation and her clear communication combine to make her classes an absolute joy to attend. Before her classes I had constant lower back pain, I am now pain free and much stronger in a balanced way. I also love that people of all ages and abilities can attend together and the classes work perfectly for us all.  I can’t recommend her more strongly.”


Any questions? Get in touch.