Join us for short courses!

A mix styles that focus on mobility, stability, flexibility and strength.

I use my training of yoga, functional mobility and classical yoga practices from India to create an eclectic mix of mindful movement.

Yoga Dudes.

A yoga program for men.

Fridays 8-9 am, Rogate, Petersfield.  

November 3, 10, 17 & 24; December 1

Special Offer: £65 (5 weeks)

️Yoga is for everyone, but to be honest, it’s a struggle to get more men through the door into regular classes.

️I’d like to see more men on the yoga mat! Will you join me? ️Interested? Email 

This program is open to beginners as well as those who have been practicing yoga.

Prefer to drop-in? Book a Yoga Dude class here!

Yoga for Beginners.

5-week yoga program.

Mondays 18:30-19:30, Nyewood, Petersfield.  

October 31; November 6, 13, 20 & 26

Special Offer: £65 (5 weeks)

A beginners program with a difference! Learn the basics of yoga as well as aspects that are usually not taught in studio classes! 

Each week we explore a variety of postures (standing, seated, sun salutations, rotations and more), the relationship of breath to movement, the basics of mindfulness, concepts of yoga as practiced in Indian households and how to start taking yoga into your lives. 

Even though this course is aimed at beginner level practice, people with experience of yoga will surely benefit from it.  

️Will you join me? ️Interested? Email 

Prefer to drop-in? Book a Yoga for Beginners class here!

“Chandni leads all her classes with such ease and grace, immediately making you feel comfortable. She encourages a conscientious practice, very much led by your own body. Her most recent candlelit sessions were the perfect way to end the day. I really enjoyed having the time for breath work and the slow build up and wind down. Also, the chanting as a group really made me feel connected to everyone else in the room.”

Meet Chandni…

Born and raised in India, working and living in the USA and UK, Chandni draws on her diverse experience and training to combine traditional Indian yoga with movement science to bring the essence of yoga into our modern lives. 

Before becoming a full-time yoga teacher Chandni was a change management consultant, working in New York City. 

Her training includes:

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 600+ Hours

  • Functional Range Conditioning – Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

  • Master of Arts (MA) – Clinical Psychology

  • Master of Arts (MA) – Industrial Psychology

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Psychology

 If you are ready for immersive and transformative yoga experiences at stunning locations, I’d like to personally invite you to join me. 

  • Step away from your busy life for a couple of hours.

  • Connect with nature and yourself.

  • Breathe and move with the elements.

  • Embrace the stillness within.

“Chandni is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced. Her in-depth knowledge of both yoga and the science of the body, her love of her vocation and her clear communication combine to make her classes an absolute joy to attend. Before her classes I had constant lower back pain, I am now pain free and much stronger in a balanced way. I also love that people of all ages and abilities can attend together and the classes work perfectly for us all. I can't recommend her more strongly.”