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Regular Events

LiveYourYoga (Workshops)

Backed by the wisdom of yoga and movement science, LiveYourYoga workshops focus on functional movement, yoga, breath work and self-care practices.

Each workshop is designed to take your practice to a deeper level – an opportunity to learn the language of our bodies in usable chunks of information, using tools to help improve how we move in class and in life. Leave each workshop with practical tips and tools for your movement practice.

The 2.5 hour workshop is a mix of discussion and practice.

Who can join:
We have workshops to suit complete beginners to seasoned yogis – anyone who wants to learn how to move, breathe and feel better every day.

Sukham Sunday (Day Retreat)

After a busy week, take time for a blissful Sunday afternoon. Immerse yourself in the practice of holistic yoga in a gorgeous countryside setting.

  • Connect to the physical body with Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath work).
  • Tune inward and reflect during a guided meditation and chanting in a dedicated meditation space.
  • Unwind into a deeper release in restorative yoga, surrounded by candlelight, aromatherapy oils…supported by blocks and cushions.
  • Enjoy delicious Indian masala chai (spiced tea), herbal teas and mithai (sweets)

A personalised afternoon with a mix of movement, meditation and most importantly an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

Who can join:
Suitable for complete beginners to seasoned yogis.

Strength & Yoga (Course)

Get STRONGER, while practicing YOGA!
Loaded strength work using weights / resistance (according to your experience).
Loaded – active and passive yoga postures with and without weights.
Breath techniques to support a movement practice and recovery. 

6-week in-person course at a bespoke private studio.

Who can join:
If you have been thinking of strength training but not sure where to start, you are not alone! Take a step towards it…you won’t regret it. This course is for anyone who wants to move mindfully. 

Pop-Up Yoga (Special Event)

Bringing pop-up yoga to you! Choose from a variety of styles of yoga. Pop-up is a great way to try your first yoga class or try a new style of yoga.

A pop-up class is a one-off class that is open to everybody. You can book one or as many pop-up classes as you’d like.

Who can join:
A beginner? A seasoned yogi? We’ve got you covered! This class is for anyone who wants to move mindfully. 

“Chandni leads all her classes with such ease and grace, immediately making you feel comfortable. She encourages a conscientious practice, very much led by your own body. Her most recent candlelit sessions were the perfect way to end the day. I really enjoyed having the time for breath work and the slow build up and wind down. Also, the chanting as a group really made me feel connected to everyone else in the room.”

Tabitha – Student